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080420 Lu Han celebrated his 18th birthday with his friends from Yonsei KLI

"It was Lu Han’s birthday yesterday. To those who were wondering, Luhan is a friend I met from the Yonsei KLI where we are studying now. I guess you can say he’s one of my closest friend. Most probably because we’re the same age as everyone in the institute is at least a year elder! 

Basically the people I hang out with are Shanna and Lu Han only I guess. Sometimes Shanna just stays home or goes out with her own friends so the two of us get really bored and just stay in convenient stores for hours and stone or go to the karaoke rooms here. There was this one time we were there for 2 hours straight just playing with coins. I guess when you get comfortable with a friend you just don’t think much of what-to-do’s and just sit in silence without feeling awkward?

We celebrated his 18th birthday party in our house. It was also his first year in a foreign country celebrating his birthday alone away from all his friends. 

Lu Han’s cake was Hello Kitty because the girls just wanted to make fun of him. I thought it was funny when I came back too! I had no say in buying the cake as I was out with the birthday boy so when Shanna told me that his cake was a Hello Kitty cake I burst into laughter. All his presents were in pink. His present was a pink Tshirt. As there were all girls, the other elder girls made him change on the spot! No picture due to personal reasons but it was a funny scene.”

― via Natalie Chai